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International Solidarity Association

What is the ASI?
The ASI is an international voluntary organisation, founded in 1992. It bases its work on the values of solidarity, justice, personal dignity, the equal rights and opportunities of all people, respect for diversity and co-existence, and the protection of the weak and defenceless. The ASI identifies itself with the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and adheres to the international codes of conduct of humanitarian organisations. ASI workers are primarily responsible citizens who, faced with social and economic issues, put themselves forward as promoters of real change. They begin work in the city, in the country where they live, in order to:

  • Promote active involvement of the community
  • Promote awareness campaigns in the north and south of the world in support of the common good and a fairer society
  • Assist the development of the people in the southern world through the funding of development projects in collaboration with the local community
  • Promote social inclusion that guarantees diversity, trade and mixing with other cultures
  • Engage in education matters
  • Engage in health matters
  • Promote human rights
  • Help victims of war and natural disasters through humanitarian interventions

Who can join the ASI?
Being an ASI campaigner means putting yourself forward as a main player in facing the challenges we
confront everyday in the face of social exclusion, many forms of poverty and the violation
of fundamental rights. Campaigning has different forms: it is important that you identify the way that
best suits your requirements and availability. You can organise your own "ideal campaign":
it is not necessary to have particular skills or a great amount of time available; what we need is your enthusiasm, commitment and motivation.
Anyone can join the ASI in the struggle against poverty and exclusion, individually or as part of a local
group, in any part of the world.


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